Just saw a colleague make squash


I’m siding with japes as I think he’s tougher than the rest of you.


Anyone used to drink undiluted squash when they were younger? No me neither


That escaped gorilla drank litres of the stuff. Still makes me laugh whenever I think about it.


I would like to drink squash at work, I really would.

But… you just shouldn’t should you?


the play button on his nose makes him look (even more??) like an evil teddybear


This thread is a fucking travesty. Time for a reboot.

Question: What is the correct percentage of squash? (Regardless of whether you add it first or last.)

I’m saying 6-7%.

Awaiting some madhead from the West of Scotland coming out with an entirely honest answer upwards of 33%…




Yeah that is about right, Well done.


You fucks


are you all comfortable with the word squash, do none of you just call it orange?


They come in many colours


that’s true, there’s also tropical juice. I never drink the stuff anymore but I think I’d call it juice, squash makes me uncomfortable.


Nah. I reckon somewhere in the region of 12-14%


How old are they? Is it a work experience 12 year old or something?

squash, ffs.


It is though, especially if the water is boiling. Not that granules taste great anyway but if the kettle has just boiled and it goes on the granules it tastes more bitter I find.

That said I haven’t resorted to instant for a LONG time.


no because if the milk goes it first then the granules do not dissolve and it goes all clumpy

this may be different depending on the varient of instant coffee, but that is what happens here


How much milk are you putting in / how old are the granules? Not a problem at all if you stir it properly.


i don’t use this technique, it’s my colleague’s method - and we end up with clumpy undissolved coffee

would you like her email address so you can direct these questions to her?


might be good actually. She’s doing the right thing, but clearly with poor technique.