Just saw a picture of seasick Steve from his last tour

He’s looking old.

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He’s not even seasick irl.


My dad can never remember his name, calls him Fisheye Pete


I didn’t even know he was sick

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Think that’s this guy…

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As a Dad myself I can say that he may be ‘forgetting’ his real name for comic effect.

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I salute your Norm Macdonald reference.

met his son once

nice enough lad

was happy to share his vodka with me iirc

He’s 72

Like when you see a teacher from primary school who you thought was old as shit and then you see them now and realise you were wrong back in the day because they’re actually old as shit now. He looked ancient whenever his first appearance on Jools Holland was.

Looks fine to me

I remember buying his CD as a kid and just feeling massively cheated

That’ll be his seasick diet

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