Just saw Alan Titchmarsh on an advert

Haven’t thought about him for a long time.

But he thinks about you every time he falls asleep.


hope not, just wiki’d him after the advert and turns out he’s a bit of a twat

great surname though

remember when we were thinking about putting a pond into the garden when I was a kid.

We got a book on water features. It was written by Alan Titchmarsh. Seemed to have lots of suggestions involving millstones.

We didn’t go with any of them in the end.

That’s my alan titchmarsh story.


my son is MASSIVELY into garden rescue at the moment.

Fortunately that features Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers: no sign of titchmarsh.


How so?

said women on TV moan too much about not being treated fairly and also is in favour of fox hunting apparently


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He was pretty funny trying to wrap his head around violent video games tho

The editor is an absolute don for that withering reaction shot of the CV&G editor at 2:16

He’s thinking “Oh fuck, this is level 8 shit and I’m only level 5 and I didn’t save before coming into this boss room”


Quite often watch the garden show with Tichmarsh. They have a sorry sad story and a garden that needs a rescue.

I enjoy the people acting surprised when he knocks on their door the best.


He had an ITV chatshow for a long time and I remember him being a bit Noel Edmonds (but less embarrassing)

this is such a weird and pointless debate isn’t it

also games are too violent

He brought Ceaser Milan on his (failure of a) chat show just to berate him for “beating” dogs… came across as a monumental and uneducated bellend

had no idea he had a chat show, didn’t think he was really famous enough for that