Just secured a little part time job

my friends have recently opened a coffee shop and I go there once a week to offer my support -ie buying cakes and green tea

anyway, popped in this morning and he asked if I would look after the joint for 15 minutes, while he walked the dog. course I would.

he put on a Coltrane spotify playlist, gave me the code for ipad (1234) and said he’d be back in 20 minutes. couple people came in and I told them to hold tight.

mentioned to him that I’d quite like to work there a bit. say 7-10 hrs a week. he was dead keen and is getting me in next week to show me the ropes. coffee machine looks quite complicated, I have to say.

this is gonna be an absolute doddle! footfall is very low at the moment. I can listen to jazz and afrobeat for a few hours, smoke many roll ups, read books and talk to decent folk.


this information is probably dull to most. sorry


Peak dis

i liked it

sounds like a good job! Were you just sitting in there and telling people you couldn’t serve them coffee though?

Sounds idyllic maaaan. Where do I find Silky’s Utopia Cafe and how much is toast?

i did pretty much this exact job for four months like three years ago. It was so good I almost didn’t bother with getting a proper career job.

best of luck to you man.

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nah man. I was kicking back on the side reading some article in the New Scientist about parrots and why they don’t fly into each other. they have a preference to fly to the right, apparently.

just told them to wait, didn’t I

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no toast, man. only cakes at the mo, but my man is talking about soup. beautiful home made soup. pea soup n shit

gonna be 5 quid for soup in takeaway cup and hunk of bread.


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London prices!. DiS favourite Nusa charges between £4.25 and £5.75, depending on ingredients.

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nice man, nice! aye, Plymouth has nothing like this. pasties, bland sandwiches (blandwiches) and other 1990’s food options only





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Sounds bloody great! Hope it goes well for you.

Good stuff! I hope the customers are a decent lot and you don’t get any arseholes.

You’d think the caff would already have a ‘no arseholes’ policy.

oh wow! my mind is getting blown today!