Just slept for over 24 hours


wake up, cold one cracked, 10mg vally down the hatch





Alright Des’ree.


My record’s 26hrs without stoppage
Fucking scary tbh isn’t it
edit: careful with those pills man


Managed eighteen once. Haven’t needed to since.

How are you feeling now Rufferz?


I’m lucky if I manage 8 to be honest.


dare me to drive?


thinking of doing a mehopodcast


[no response]


do it, tis great fun


This happened to me once after an overnight flight back from the New York (I can’t sleep on planes, too tall I guess). Was trying to stay up by watching Wimbledon around 3pm but couldn’t manage it, thought I’d fallen asleep for about half an hour but saw it was a completely different match, because it was the next day.


18 hours sleep and no need since? When was this? Yesterday? We need answers.