Just some random unconnected shit. Evening thread?

Boss kept me half an hour late and then said dont worry about it, we’ll do it tomorrow :rage:


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Used a hammer and screwdriver to perfectly remove the cork. Sometimes my own ingenuity and skill surprises even me!


omg I have the same glass as that!?!?!?!

Roasting grapes like a maniac
bloody recipes they make you do anything they want


Bake off

If you head in the direction of the church further East down the road, one of the Turkish off licenses on the left hand side does 4 vegetable samosas for a quid and they’re fucking delicious. That’s all I got. SO FAR.

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Everyone’s watching bake off! This is like that night when everyone ate pasta. Remember that?

I think I’m going to watch a documentary about the Voyager missions.



I can’t :frowning: I feel like with missing an episode I’ll probably just sack it off forever as well.

If they’re working at a publishers, they’re not making ££££££ I promise you.

Glass twins!!

Feeling pretty glum but I’ve got a pizzer in the fridge and i’m going to make banana bread.

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feel better soon!

Nope. Hitting the pub for a bit before Spain :es: - Liechtenstein :liechtenstein:

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Good lad

think I’ve grazed a load of skin around my bum-bone doing a bunch of sit ups this morning. It’s painful to sit down :frowning:

Exciting evening thus far. Went to the supermarket and they’d done that thing where they move everything around :smiley: Spent about 20 minutes trying to find couscous and olives. Severely want to destroy things now.

Though, I just misread @Bamnan 's post as bumhole instead of bumbone… which made me snort out loud. I’m fine now.

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That’s a good tip, I normally resort to Subway if I’m there all day.

I’m told the kebab shop across the road is fantastic, but as I’m never pissed while playing card games I guess I’m never going to find out.