Just some random unconnected shit. Evening thread?

Leisure Games! Loads of great shops on Ballards Lane. BEST STREET IN FINCHLEY

As I scrolled past this I read it as Council For The Farts

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Japanese deli
Turkish ocakbasi on the corner
All the European food shops
Super Meatland
Vietnamese down the other end
Korean restaurant by the station

Builders at work
Builders at home
I just want to sit in my joggers and watch Nathan for you

It’ll never cook in there m9!!!111


Eating pop tarts for pudding.


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smh, they aren’t even acceptable as breakfast.

Eating lamb chops, gonna watch Ireland - Serbia

gonna eat it raw, obv.

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Just a big Italian sanga innit.

When the hell am I meant to eat them??


Which one’s you got?

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Love a pop tart. Any time, any place.

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Knew I could rely on you eric :+1:

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They are the BEST ONES :drooling_face:

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I’ve had too much to eat and feel a bit sick.

Might have some Jamaica ginger cake. I hear ginger is good for nausea.

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