Just spent the last twenty (20) minutes



looking for an old advert where all I could remember was that it has a sportsperson and that they put their elbows on a table in a weirdly awkward manner towards the end of the advert as though someone told them to keep their elbows on the table no matter what happens.

I fucking found it.


I thought you were being a bit harsh, but when he drops his left one down it is just weird.

I’m with you, maosoam.


I’m so proud of you maoam


We all are!


the hubris of that claim at the end is really annoying me


When I was Myyada The Lad I knew it was good manners to keep my elbows off the table.


imagine being asked to advertise shredded wheat. it’s basically like being told you’re the most boring person anyone at the ad agency could think of.


Genuinely remember this advert


that voice at the end of the advert is such a 90s TV advert voice

as someone who likes to sample old adverts, I hear it a lot