Just suddenly got an urge for Pizza Hut


not been in years

when did you last go?


Did you also get an urge for Taco Bell?


Do you know what, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a pizza hut.


ew no


Alright. Just wondering.


Can’t remember, it gives me the bum wee something fierce nowadays.


Would’ve been around three years ago I think as my niece was diagnosed as coeliac and it is one of the only ones that offered gluten free versions at the time.

Average as fuck.


Over a decade ago to the all-you-can eat jobby at Thorpe Park

Halcyon days (lol no)


I’m at the pizza Hut


I’m not


I’m at the taco bell


Do they still do their buffet? Used to enjoy that. Not been to a UK one for years. Was in there about 4 times a week when I was in NZ though. Five dollar pizzas? Yes please.




salad bar and self-serve ice cream were/are absolutely on point.


A Pizza Hut?


No way man me too


A Pizza Hut?


Kentucky Fried Chicken?


Kentucky Fried Chicken?


And a Pizza Hut?