Just the Stats, Maaaaaaaan


Top Referrers (Last 30 Days) Clicks Topics
@Severed799 24 3
1101010 24 14
@cowcow 22 7
@incandenza 19 2
@Jeremys_Iron 17 5
@TAFH33 16 3
@Mistersteve 16 3
@anon82218317 13 3
@Icarus-Smicarus 12 3
@Aggpass 12 4

(I think these are examples where we posted a link somewhere to a thread and loads of people clicked through?)

0 1 2 3 4
Users per Trust Level 2.2k 3.5k 642 11 24
Admins: 12 Suspended: 31
Moderators: 6 Silenced: 40

Oof, 40 silenced users!

Today Yesterday Last 7 Days Last 30 Days All
User Visits 75 434 3.5k 15.4k 250k
New Users 0 5 24 82 6.4k
User Profile Views 7 171 1.0k 4.3k 84.9k
Topics 0 27 142 602 12.8k
Posts 28 2.3k 13.3k 57.4k 814k
Time to first response 0 0 1 0 15
Topics with no response 0 2 10 34 771
Likes 48 3.3k 18.5k 78.4k 872k
Flags 0 0 3 18 342
Bookmarks 0 7 28 80 1.6k
Emails Sent 36 1.0k 5.1k 23.3k 822k
Accepted solutions 0 2 2 4 44

A lot of those links will fail if you’re not an admin, sorry. Just enjoy the stats, MAAAAAAN.

24 new users in the past week.


Is that 40 individual users silenced, or 40 instances of silencings?

I didn’t realise the mods can see the silenced list.

No idea I just assumed it was total silenced

You can silence users? Like you can ignore topics? How does that work then?

Yeah not entirely sure why they have both options really.

I guess if your forums are only visible to users you let an annoying user read but not post as a punishment?

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40 individuals btw. Mostly unrecognised. Probably a number are OBT and also banned

I think the halloumi thread is the first thing on google when you search “can I eat halloumi raw?”

Yeah I’d guess you’re right.

Think that referers list proves im producing some seriously strong #sponsoredcontent


Did you try this incognito?

Huh, barely recognise any of those threads :man_shrugging:

Tell me about the different user levels, Teho…

lol yeh

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i don’t know what this means

does it mean i’m a top DiSer?


Ha strong work DiS

find it terrifying that randos from the wider internet are coming here for actual advice


shhhhh! they’ll hear you

You’d think it’s the kind of advice that you’d be given for 9k a year.

I do post the rules of burrito club quite a lot.

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