Just thought of a great idea


Dessert kebabs




genetically modify corn on the cob so you have a little handle


Jasmine rice but egg instead of jasmine


dry spaghetti that’s already cut up for kids


1.5 x size teabags (is this already a thing?) feel like mug sizes have increased but teabags haven’t caught up


washing machines that can wash all colours at the same time


Spaghetti should be half the size it is anyway. Always have to snap it in half to fit it in the pan.


all dishwasher tabs come in a disolvable wrapper.



Premier League football highlights on youtube


Cafes that open late at night


full english breakfast delivery service


more free stuff


Once it’s started cooking you bend the rest in. Easy.

My mum breaks her spaghetti up. If she’s cooking for the family she cooks hers in a separate pan :joy:

Then again, this woman eats cereal by pouring it out, crunching it all up into smaller pieces, pouring the milk on and fucking off for 5-10 minutes, thus returning to a cereal ‘cake’.


This seems to be a thing in the Potteries. Went out on the beer in Leek a couple of years back and stayed at my mate’s place - next morning we rang the cafe and they delivered us all a full English in a takeaway box. The oatcake shop round the corner from us at uni in Stoke used to deliver too.


My wife does that with Weetabix. Warms them up too. It’s like baby food.



revolting stuff


Vegetables = free