Just threw up in my mouth a little bit (audit) (rolling)


Time of occurrence: 7:26pm, Wednesday 2nd August 2017.


was it a belch that brought up the inadvertent acidic vomit or was it induced by something external


The former.


hate that. did it on a date once but managed to style it out by taking a sip of lager and staring off thoughtfully into the middle distance.


A handy tactic at pretty much any point in a date tbf.


Time of occurrence: 12:17am, Sunday 17th December 2017.


Time of occurrence: 7:17pm, Tuesday 1st May 2018.


This thread is your legacy


It’s my gift to science.


Time of occurrence: 6:46pm, Tuesday 18th September 2018.


Time of occurrence: 11:40pm, Sunday 21st October 2018.


I’m feeling a bit peaky today. Feeling like the sick in mouth is on borrowed time