Just threw up in my mouth a little bit (audit) (rolling)

Did this earlier, reckon TOO probably 17:30 approx - Sat 26 October. Cause - fucking pain spike from my stupid viral thing.

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Time of occurrence: 21:09, Wednesday 6th November

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not sure. i’d just finished some pasta and i did a sort of burp and a little bit of liquid reached my mouth, think it was some juice that i’d had not too long before. wasn’t as horrible tasting or as stinging as most mini mouth vom experiences.

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Time of occurrence: 14:47, Friday 22nd November

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Did myself a bit imagining Darwin just documenting his own burps and it being hailed as a landmark for science in the modern day

Straw poll - I just ate a pretty huge M&S curry (very delicious) and I’m going to go to bed soon. Will I be updating this thread in the morning (I don’t have a smartphone so you’ll have to wait for the hot sick news)?

  • Of course, why did you eat so much this close to bedtime you absolute idiot?
  • Somehow you now have evolved Iron Gut, strength +9

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Time of occurrence: 21:14, Thursday 5th December

Didn’t throw up btw

Time of occurrence: 08:51, Monday 20th January
Location of occurrence: Between junctions 32 and 33 of the A14

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Time of occurrence: 21:55, Wednesday 20 May


Time of occurrence: 22:39, Monday 14 September

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