Just to let you know I’ve got a new favourite chilli sauce

Wiltshire Chilli Farm “Golden Bonnet”

Just to let you know


Thanks Jordan

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I’m always on the lookout for a good chilli sauce, so this information is useful to me. Thanks Jordan.

Currently enjoying the Meat Lust Ghost Chilli sauce. The branding is obviously terrible in multiple ways but the sauce is pretty great.

Yeah the branding of chilli sauces (like some ales/craft beers) is really cringey.

It’s not ridiculously hot but has a really good kick to it

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Have you tried Glasgow Megadeth?


I’ve tried that, it’s got a kick :grimacing:

Any recommended shops for interesting chilli sauces?

On a visit to Bath a while back there was a market stall/shed that sold ONLY chilli sauce and nothing else. There must be something similiar in London, surely?

Hop Burns and Black in East Dulwich sell beer, records and hot sauce.

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That’s quite a trek from Crouch End but might well be worth it.

The Rib Man’s Holy Fuck hot sauce is pretty :fire:

There’s a really good one in Leeds

Last time I was in Leeds was 1999.