Just took a personality test


Failed it.


#4 at the fringe


I did one of those management wheel ones at work, I’m a controller inspector apparently


Weird how committed HR people are to discredited psychology


Or not even really psychology at all, you know? Decades of research supporting the Five Factor Model, but everyone in the workplace goes gaga over Myers-Briggs, which is based on something that Jung basically just made up, and has basically no empirical support.



That’s because upholder-maintainers are generally predisposed to buying into junk psychology models.



Here’s a very comprehensive and thorough guide to the MBTI. Tells you everything you need to know about each starsign. Sorry, type.



Was just a pun m9s


legend has it twentynine is still paralyzed with rage


It was a good joke, friend. But ultimately you have to let the threads fly free in the way they will go.