Just unfollowed someone for

Too many crossfit posts. Never anything else. The unbalanced obsession was weird and depressing.

Is that a bit bad? She’s not hurting anyone…

On Facebook

Crossfit’s a particularly tedious thing to bang on about. Seems like the entire appeal is banging on about it.


Maybe she’s building her strength for it.


I tell you who you DIDN’T unfollow

:point_right: THIS GUY :point_left:


I’m still on MySpace so I won’t comment.

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In summary, I would and have unfollowed people for this.

See also: climbing.

Tedious bellend has checked into climbing wall. “Morning climb”.

Tedious bellend has checked into Luton Airport. “Off to Spain​:airplane::airplane:

Tedious bellend has added 8 new photos to Spain Climbing Trip 2017.

Tedious bellend is with Dull Bellend and Tedious Wanker in Crap Bar, Spain.

“Celebrating a hard day’s climbing :beers::beers:

Tedious bellend shared Inspirational Climbing Memes’ post.

Etc etc


Poor @Twinkletoes :frowning_face:


Nominative determinism right there.


The whole cross fit thing is weird. I was trawling Movies on iTunes the other evening and there a loads of these films that look like they’re karate action films, but no - it’s a video of a tournment with a load of bellends doing chin ups.

It’s so weird, I’ve noticed it attracts people who’ve just experienced some sadness in their lives. And there’s the whole feeling of how can you criticise her, she’s got really muscley and doing something ‘positive’ with her life but something about it doesn’t sit right

There’s a crossfit gym near me, just looks like moving bits of furniture about to dance music.

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Yeah, seems to hold a lot of appeal for people approaching middle age. Guess it’s quite low impact on the old knees, gets you ripped for potential office affairs etc.


Y’know I think it’s the total absence of cynicism and that kind of happy clappy set up where you feel you’d be ostracised for expressing any negativity.

I’ve only done this to a vegan who kept sharing articles about how shit milk is and needlessly defensive memes about how plants ACTUALLY DO have protein ACTUALLY.

Bro, do you even crossfit?

Do you think you’re allowed to question the point of being/getting fit

She’s put me right off it. I don’t want another ‘family’ thanks

Solid, traditional surname, that. You don’t see it often enough these days.

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