Just used a grill for the first time


What was the last thing you did something for the first time


i don’t believe you.


True. Im very basic when it comes to cooking


not sure you can get much more basic than grilling. have you never cooked a burger?


i made a cheese sauce yesterday, turned out surprisingly well


barely grills


Only in the oven


Heating a pitta?
Toasting some flaked almonds? (You don’t eat from cans so I can only presume you spend an hour each night carefully making a gourmet meal.)


Cheese on toast?


pitta in the toaster meight


Finish off an omelette


Not all of us had a toaster growing up or, indeed, have one big enough for a whole pitta.


have you never heard of one minute each side, theo?


bacon. surely grilling is the standard!!!


Has this man never had cheese on toast.


I dont like cheese so no

@penoid it’s frying for me


Open a tin or two


bizarre behaviour


You’re sick in the head.


Should have thought about that before announcing that, as a grown adult, you’ve just used a grill for the first time