Just waiting for a plant-based Whopper

Wuu2 hun x

is this the banal thread?

debating having a cup of tea and a biscuit

Watching the snooky snooks

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thewarn my office now overlooks the train station so you’re contractually obligated to wave at me every time you walk past

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I’m only in one day a week but I’ll know

Ooo, is it one of those new ones? Do you work for stem and glory?

PB Whops pretty good IMO!
(But also bad in the way that normal Whops also fail. Too much sauce. Salad too thick. A messy experience unless one has a nice sharp efficient bit.)
Bonne chance incomplete
Apols for replying in wrong pace Epimer

No, look up for the weirdest looking architectural feature and that’s where I am

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I just had a nap and then woke up panicking cos i thought it was morning and I’d missed my alarm

Was going to grab some dinner before work but I had a large lunch consisting of

Greggs sausage roll
Ham and cheese sandwich on stale sliced well-fired bread
Some chipotle and lime Manomasa tortilla crisps with Sabra za’atar hummus

And then at about 4:30pm from 92° Coffee I had

Flat white
Peanut butter brownie

So I’ll probably be fine

I’m making soup, but I’m at the part during soup making where you just fuck off for an hour and let it do its thing.