Just walked past a blind man standing next to his guide dog

His dog was having a poo. How does that work then?



Usually just squat and strain a bit, I think.

Food goes in, poo goes out!



If a guide dog poos in a forest and no one is around to see it, does it make a poo?

Normal ways I’d imagine

Why didn’t you stop and find out? Not as if he could see you standing there staring at his shitting dog.


I drove past a park earlier but instead of normal park animals (dogs, pigeons, squirrels) there were about 6 pygmy goat running through the place with no humans around at all. it was good.


Hi ant, I was thinking of making a joke about blind being dogshit, aimed at the Manchester United footballer, but can’t find a succinct way of putting it together.

Kind regards



You could just say “Blind is dogshit” and it would be a statement of fact as opposed to a joke. You should probably say it in a football thread rather than in here though.

Thanks for running this by me either way.

Have a great evening x


Want to throw a party where everyone dresses as a dog shit footballer but I’m afraid all the United fans would be Blind to it


(this is a good joke)

I like this

Awwww, poor thing probably had a curry last night.

On days that I escape the office in time to get my express train home, I usually encounter a visually impaired man and his guide dog, as they get the train that leaves a minute before mine from the adjacent platform. (I can usually determine whether I am going to have to start running or miss that train, judging by how far ahead of me he is in the race up to the ticket gates).

Anyway, I always think the dog looks way too cheeky to be a guide dog and it DEFINITELY sniffed my bag when I went past him once. It totally makes eye contact with its tongue out like GO ON, PAT ME, FEED ME A SAUSAGE, which is kind of meant to be trained out of these guys.

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That was meant to be @fappable not ruffy. x

Why is no one understanding that it would have been an ordeal for the blind man to pick up and dispose of?

think blind folk are exempt from having to do that


I’m saying that guide dogs are dogs, and because dogs eat everything they have instances of spontaneous shitting relatively often.

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