Just walked past a blind man standing next to his guide dog


Why is no one understanding that it would have been an ordeal for the blind man to pick up and dispose of?


think blind folk are exempt from having to do that




(so in case of the one you saw that was a dog presumably having a rare moment of illness pooping)




you’re going to call a guidedog a liar? what kind of monster are you?


I’m saying that guide dogs are dogs, and because dogs eat everything they have instances of spontaneous shitting relatively often.


I’m also going to say a dog owned by a blind person is getting away with sneaky meals more often than a regular dog.


Fucking hell!


Oh, that was never up for debate. Fuck dogs.


you’ve made me marckee this, I don’t think I can ever forgive that


“Registered blind dog owners can’t be fined.”


" Registered blind people are not required to clean up after their guide dogs. There is also exemption for dog owners on some kinds of public land in England and Wales"



Visually impaired people who use sight dogs are given training in what to do when this happens (which is a lot moer common than you’d think!)


That made me so happy


There’s a guy at my work who looks identical to Julian Assange, one time I saw him pottering around outside of work, waiting to cross the road, when a guide dog starting giving him a right thorough sniffing, and he looked so freaked out by it. Since then I’ve wondered what the fuck Assange is up to.


my nan kept a few retired guide dogs. clearly they knew they were retired and that their services were no longer required and behaved accordingly, eg one of them used to fetch the post every day for his old owner and managed to do that once, just once, for my nan.

anyway i can confirm that the instinct to beg for attention and sausages had definitely not been successfully trained out of them


I find it the sweetest thing ever. If he wasn’t working I’d kneel down and kiss his goofy face. It brightens my evening whenever I see them. :heart_eyes:



Guide dogs get pensions don’t they


To summarise: Blind person can feel from the lead that the dog is doing a poo. Strokes it on the back to get the relative position of the poop drop. Dons the latex gloves and feels for it. I guess there is a chance of missing some but I guess with practice they’ll get good at finding it all.


No just an annual bone-us.