Just want to reiterate something about SSPs

I absolutely agree with certain threads being marked as such so they don’t go out in the newsletter- but the people who are subscribed are most likely other users/long time lurkers who know all of us and have seen our other posts and faces (if you’ve chosen to put selfies up in the friday threads).
SSPs stop it from being put in the weekly email but it doesn’t stop your posts from being easily found via a search engine, nor does it hide your posts from people who aren’t signed up- you can still see all of those threads if you don’t have an account or aren’t logged in. I’m very lucky in the respect that I don’t give a shit- I’ve posted my full name, other social media accounts, the town I live in, photos of myself and embarrassing stories multiple times, I just don’t care but I don’t have a job that means I have to care or be more anonymous.
If anyone ever wants something deleted (even after five minutes) or their username changed or post history deleted then cool, I’m happy to do that, all of us mods are. Just give us a PM and it’ll be done. But it is worth remembering that everything on here is public.
Please speak up if you ever want a thread to be made into an SSP, but also be aware that it doesn’t hide anything.
Love you all x


How do you mean?
So, we can start or move threads in the lounge section which is only viewable by users of a certain trust level.
I mean, personally for me (and this is just my opinion so take it with a pinch of salt), I take SSP to mean “don’t make jokes that could be interpreted as mean spirited, be kind and open minded to the topic at hand”.

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I’d say that’s unnecessary imo, for all the reasons in OP? Like sensitive subjects absolutely of course but other things? Just shouldn’t be that big a deal.

Again that’s my opinion, but like - do we even know how many people get the newsletter and what the open rates even are? It’s only something you get once you’ve signed up and opted in anyway right?

(I don’t even get it tbf)


With Sean’s server costs? You’re having a laugh!

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I’m already paying £6.66 a month to clean up the messes of you lot, if you think I’m gonna pay more then you’re insane

  1. I was joking, it’s a DiS meme

  2. It’s always been public here and there’s a lounge if people really are worried and if people really want that then fair enough, but just keep in mind it would also potentially be a death sentence to the boards. I can only speak for myself because I don’t really mind and I joined here and was on the last one with my eyes open knowing it was all public. Feels weird to want to change it after years and years of existence into a little private place?

I’m definitely gonna be banned from being a mod for saying this, but just don’t post stuff that you don’t want in the public domain forever. Nothing about the site has to change. Just don’t post “I want x up my arse while I’m snorting x”
No need to mass delete anything if you lot could just BEHAVE YOURSELVES


I think you misunderstand.

I agree about SSP, I think using it to hide threads from a newsletter undermines its purpose, absolutely.

The other thing, as Outlaid in the OP, is more about how the site is public, and the newsletter really is a red herring/the least of your worries compared to things like -, y’know. Google.


Yes mommy :pleading_face:

(Coming from you this is really incredible work :smiley: )


To clarify, this can be a discussion afaic and I’m on one side of it. doesn’t necessarily mean I’m right

My thoughts:

  1. Agree SSP probably isn’t the right tag
  2. Agree that everyone should be mindful of what they post
  3. Don’t think we should be sending out emails with that kind of ‘private’ content. Not sure why the social board threads are even included in the mailouts

If everyone just interacted with my shit threads until they’re the only ones in the newsletter this would be avoided


Wel you felt the need to re explain SSP to me and as if I didn’t agree with you on that which isn’t the case, so you’re potentially misunderstanding my points, which is probably on me for not being clear enough.

I agree that SSP is important

I agree in why it should exist and what it should be used for

I disagree that we need something else for other purposes.

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Probably done automatically on thread popularity innit? More likely to get a click than a bunch of losers arguing about Tool anyway


how come?

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Wait for the beck HGATR to get a load of tools arguing about Loser

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Because it’s public anyway and I really wager if people saw the stats on the newsletter this would be a storm in a teacup anyway

I think a ‘hide from emails’ tag that works the same way functionally as SSP but doesn’t have the same rules in terms of conduct in the thread seems completely cromulant if it’s possible and easy to implement


Why do the mailouts even exist? Does anyone read them? Are they only sent out to registered users who have opted in to receive them?

Is this still pinned?

(sorry, that’s a lot of questions that I realise you might not know the answers to)

Will become Literally every thread except football and jordan numbers innit