Just wanted to say that

Nobody. Literally nobody, is saving 75% of their salary and retiring before they’re 40.

It’s never once happened.

Where’s this bollocks come from?

The guy writing the blog apparently ears around 400k a year from it. So there’s that.


Just one of those sticks to beat those feckless avocado munching millennials with whenever they have the nerve to complain about lack of social mobility or affordable housing, the ingrates.

from the independent website

The couple feature in a new Channel 4 programme, How To Retire At 40.

Jason and Julie, now 45 and 44, currently live in a campervan which allows them to travel all across the world.

Of course it helps that the couple were both earning £90,000 a year previously,

aaand I stopped reading


Reckon milner does


So even if you’re pulling about £200k a year combined you still have to live in a fucking van?


you made me finish the article…

For Julie and Jason, they still have an income as they rent out their house in the East Midlands while they travel, earning them £20,000 a year.

“And our outgoings, even while on the road all the time, are now £15,000 a year, so we are still managing to put some money away,” says Jason

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I know someone who never drank alcohol. Didn’t go on holiday. Didn’t go out spending money on anything unnecessary and who now in their early 30s owns their house outright. She probably has a really good pension too. But what a boring life…


Imagine going through life without experiencing walking into a bookies, putting £50 on a horse, which finishes last by a distance, then going to the pub and drinking roughly the same value in booze to forget you’ve lost fifty sheets, then going home and straight to bed fully-clothed.



literally impossible. I could probably save about…30-40%, maybe, if the wife wasn’t on maternity and I earn quite a fair wedge and have 6 cars in Ireland

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Every single fucking time

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my stepdad’s uncle did, worked for the BoE. Been retired over 30 years. Almost had a row with him when he was saying he was able to do so because he ‘worked hard’ - obviously not doubting that he was a grafter in his day, but it’s not like the rest of us are shysters ffs

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I once knew someone like this. Didn’t drink and aside the odd holiday lived very much within her means without luxuries. After she bought her house she genuinely didn’t know what to spend her money on. Eventually decided on periodic massages at a spa.

She has kids now though, so problem solved.

Not drinking alcohol doesn’t mean living a boring life

(also quite a few people on here don’t drink for various reasons and live exciting lives)


a friend of mine goes on holiday a bit but doesn’t drink as he is Muslim and he has saved up quite a bit and looking to buy - I think the common denominator here is drink and the extra spend associated with it ( kebabs, taxis, bad decisions)

Can confirm that I don’t really drink these days and that allows me to save lots of money each month.

Of course it helps that I’m earning etc

If you read not just the bit about drinking you’ll have seen that she didn’t do anything much in life, including buying pretty much any luxuries at all. I didn’t say it was only about not drinking.

I don’t think anybody’s doubting that alcohol costs money, guys, and that it’s possible to save some money, more than it’s not possible to retire before you’re forty on a modest salary.

If I didn’t have a huge and, let’s face it, enviable record collection I could probably afford to retire to the moon right now.

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If I hadn’t spent my whole life in precarious employment/unemployment, not had mental health issues and problems with alcohol, and generally understood money a bit better, I reckon I could probably be a millionaire (if I had the contacts, time, energy and a leg up)!

Obviously I fucking couldn’t, I’m just so tired of this utter, utter bullshit that mainly seems to exist to make people feel terrible about themselves. I’m sick to death of being made to feel like a failure for having to fight against so much shit just to survive, and I’m aware that I’m pretty privileged at that point too. This is why I try as much as possible not to compare to other people, it’s just pointless. Burn it all.

Oh God, so angry - none of this makes any sense, sorry. I’m going to leave it here anyway to remind myself not to post when I’m het up.

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