just watched "Blackbird" - Michael Flatley

Dont bother. Not not even “so bad its funny”, save your money, its just…pointless.

If you want a laugh, watch Samurai Cop, or Deadly Prey instead. Funnier movies with funnier backstories


well done if you watched that one at home


Saved me a tenner there

Flatley my dear, I don’t Riverdance!


there are 2 funny scenes which I will spoil for you all now:

1 - On the way out of his club, one of his lackeys helps him exchange his “indoor” flat cap, for an “outdoor” trilby.

2 - There’s a build-up to a big fight scene, but all combatants merely round a corner out of view. Cue some cartoon fight noises straight from looney tunes “OO ARR BIFFO WHACK”. Flatley emerges covered in blood but clearly victorious.

Save your money

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This sounds class tbh

its not done ironically