👏 👏 just when I thought 👏 today 👏 couldn’t get any worse 👏

:clap: fucked it :clap:

What were you going to get?

Dr Pepper

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The machine’s done you a favour tbqh.


This has ruined Unhealthy Friday

We are now mortal enemies.


This is the worst thing that could have happened

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Successfully answered the question “What’s the worst that could happen?”


I think we already were anyway x

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Can you get Dr pepper with a chicken legend meal in mcdonalds? I guess you can’t but I’m not 100% on it

I weaned myself onto the sugar free stuff years ago. It’s finally paid off.

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Missed a perfect opportunity to say, “You’re out of order, machine” there.

(OH GOD it’s off the case, isn’t it? Ah well, I still laughed to myself)


I reckon I haven’t had a Dr Pepper since about 2003.

A very astute observation that is 100% right.

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That’s bang out of order

Not sure I’m down with the capitalisation of that notice.

At school they put an out of order sign on the Pepsi vending machine. Someone realised somehow that if you popped some money in this ‘broken’ machine and did a selection it’d spit out 2 cans instead of 1. Someone further realised that if you hit the machine whilst it was vending, you would get multiple cans. Needless to say, that Pepsi machine got the living shit kicked out of it, and it’s entire contents emptied.

That Pepsi machine’s name?

Albert Einstein.

Actually, Einstein was the name of the machine creator, the Pepsi machine was called frankenstein


If only!