Just when you thought Brexit couldn't get any worse

There’s a Marmite shortage.

Pot noodles were half price last week, I even biught one just in case of something I’ve not considered yet.

You should be on the Apprentice with this kind of business acumen.

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But I thought good old british products like Marmite and Pot Noodles were supposed to become great again with dirty European rivals imploding.

The yacht will sort it out

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The yacht is some full on Spruce Moose shit.


Not if it’s made out of Marmite it won’t.

It really is funny though, hard to believe it’s real but it is.

Saw this earlier and my brain nearly leaked out of my ears after it.


brexit was such a shit idea

i bet vegemite is behind all this

Marmite is a bit of a Brexit product, I reckon.

So fuck 'em

That’s the thing with taking your country back from the unelected eurocrats innit.

you either love it or you hate it

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