Just when you thought it was ridiculous enough that they call it the World Series


Turns out they think they’re also “World Champions”.

Who’s going to tell them?


Thought the venture scouts would stand a chance this year


i think they’ve been doing it for a while actually


I’m just glad the ridiculously racist mascot team threw away a 3-1 lead.


No body cares about baseball though outside of the US, Canada and Japan.


yeah, this^


There are cricket and rugby world cups which are essentially empire games. So chill the fuck out saps, or I smack you down, pal!


Fixed that for you.

  • cuba


looking forward to the shinty world championship next year.

think scotland could do well.


Hmm. You already said Cuba. Carry on.


Thought so.


you didn’t fix the space in between ‘no’ and ‘body’


Yeah, I know. I discovered this about ten years ago in this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAhAWaZUfdw. They say it at 1:00. I was so shocked I’ve not been able to mention it till now.


Neither of those are real sports.


Shit sport, bloody love a triumph like this though, it’s fucking brilliant.


Thought everyone knew it is not named after the world as in the planet


There’s no proof that it isn’t. If you’re talking about the World newspaper, that’s not necessarily true.

And “world champions” still kind of implies something, no?


Noone cares


I stand corrected