💀 Just When You Thought It Was Safe - The Rolling Horror Thread 2022 💀

New year, new thread, new danger. The horror slate for the coming year contains a familiar roster of remakes and sequels, but also some exciting projects from some of horror’s big hitters…

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Two and a half thousand posts in ^that :open_mouth: Well done everyone…

Happy New Fear all :skull: :hammer:


Nice one. Always look forward to you starting a new one of these, thanks for being so reliable. Should be back with my thoughts on Raw tomorrow.


Watched last night, Antlers…

Nicely seasonal this, set in a misty wet Oregon woodland town with folk horror/indigenous mythology backdrop. The main cast (including Keri Russel, Jesse Plemons and Amy Madigan) are all pretty good, but the young kid who carries the first half of the film is the real standout performance. This is produced by Guillermo del Toro, so unsurprisingly the creature design is pleasing. Despite the positives, it does feel as though this story has been done better several times previously, plus there’s something of a lack of real peril in the storytelling. Decent though. 6/10


The Source of Shadows on Shudder was my first horror watch this year. Thought it was absolutely bobbins. 10 shorts squeezed into an 80 minute run time means none of the stories have any time to breath or development They all follow the same premise too of someone or something lurking in the shadows near the protagonists and it just makes for extremely repetitive and dull viewing. Very disappointing


Scream is still a 10/10 for me. Just as funny, sexy and gory as I want a slasher to be - and a great heroine, actually has agency and does some stuff to help save herself/her friends


Watched last night: Raw. Gosh. You know that feeling you get in the split second between realising you’ve injured yourself and the pain kicking in? That’s how I felt for pretty much the entire running time of this. I’m going to assume that most everyone reading this has already seen it so I won’t bore you with plot details. Did I enjoy it? I definitely enjoyed it way more than Titane, although some of the similarities between this and Ducornau’s second film have me reassessing some of my opinions about Titane. Still, I have to say I found this to be very cold film-making, clinical in a way that doesn’t necessarily appeal to me. Clearly, it’s undeniably well done, but it’s probably never going to become a personal favourite. I’m definitely up for whatever she does next though - and after Titane, god only knows what that will be. Can also imagine that this is going to linger in my thoughts for some time to come…


This was one that looked really promising in the run-up to its release and then seemed to be met with one average review after another.

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Saw it with a friend who really wasn’t sold on it/felt a bit queasy after

Then got a message from him a few weeks later to say he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it every day since :smiley: so … enjoy that

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Didn’t particularly get much out of this one, so much so that I haven’t rushed to watch Titans yet

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I completely get this. I can’t think of a better way to put it than ‘coldness’ that’s making me not love this stuff. I do love the ideas, I do love the visceral nature of her films, (I really like the slo-mo dance scenes) and I’m glad that she’s in the world, fucking with my mind, but I’m just not sure I’ll ever be a real fan.

Finished listening to The Left Right Game podcast last night. Hate to say it, but the ending definitely wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be. The main reason for this is that the makers rely way too much on non-narrated sound design to convey what’s happening in the story - there were moments where I just had no idea what I was listening to. Jumped online to make sure I wasn’t the only person feeling this way and sure enough, Reddit is full of people complaining of the same thing. Overall, I’d say the show is worth a listen as it’s a really cool concept, but it’s probably one to sit down and really listen to, rather than have burbling away in the background while cooking, which is how I heard it.

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Watched last night, Black Bear…

Saw this recommended on a couple of end of year lists. Plus I love Aubrey Plaza in everything, and this is probably the best performance I’ve seen her give. Starts off in a classic cabin by the lake setting, and straight away there is a weird off key tone about everything. Second chapter performs a switcheroo that I’ve seen in another film in recent months, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. This has a dreamy Lynchian quality to it, but is also darkly comic throughout. Not necessarily horror per se, but an enjoyable disorientating watch. 8/10


Going to try watch all 4 before the new one - saw 4 was now on Netflix.

I’ve seen 1, 2 and 4 before - 1 is obviously great but I can barely remember 2 or 4 at all even though I know I enjoyed them both at the time

Just checked out the first episode of The Call of the Void podcast. Nothing groundbreaking but pleasing enough. Basic set-up sees a brother and sister trying to find their missing professor father. The cast are likable and the narrative shows promise. Like I say, nothing crazy original but I’m fine with that. I know what I like in podcasts and this seems like it might do the trick.


Watched last night, We Need To Do Something…

Another one that’s been making the horror film end of year lists. This is a fairly lowkey production, with a cast of just five (although Ozzy Osbourne has a particularly notable micro appearance) and primarily shot in a single room - feels much like a stage play in that regard. Enjoy that it requires the viewer to use their imagination to fill in the blanks as to what is happening outside of the single view setting and how much time is passing. Possible criticism is that given its runtime and constraints, it could have explored the inter-relations of the characters a little more. That said, good performances all round, particularly from the ever dependable Pat Healy and also Sierra McCormick who I enjoyed very much in The Vast Of Night. This also has one of the most effective jump scares I can remember - after I’d finished watching the film, I went back to the specific scene and even knowing it’s coming it still gave me a chill. 7/10



Can’t believe that everyone is muscling in on my planned post-rock project :rage:

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Sea Fever is on Film4 tomorrow

Seeing Titane momentarily

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Think you should see it for a couple hours tbh

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Not heard of that, sounds like my kind of thing

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