Just wiped my fanny with the same tissue i'd just blown my nose with


that’s alright isn’t it?

  • Yeah, I do it
  • Nah gross

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Good grief!


slime is slime Ant, slime is slime


what - how would that even happen?


Sat on the lav innit.


sitting on the toilet, get a bit of loo roll, blow nose, wipe fanny


Thread title of the year sewn up.

No further input.






Americans are gonna think ‘you just put boogers in your ass’


New DiS has stepped up today, oh my.


Unless it was the last piece of tissue I would probably use a new piece


This is the right way round to do it, mind you.


Amazing :'D


Well there’s a thread title I never thought I’d see :joy:


Anybody who doesn’t do this is killing the rainforests.





Would maybe blow my nose a bit before then wiping my arse with the same tissue - providing it’s not too slimy. Would not consider doing it the other way round


Terrence Howard wouldn’t approve

Or wait… if his objection is women using dry toilet paper… maybe he would?


oh god that’s like my dad, he lives in Italy now and just goes on and on about how he can’t fathom how we all live without a bidet, he’s worse than an ex-smoker!