Just X Things

Fucking CLASSIC Jira this.

What about on Slack when someone does that thing. OH MAN.


fucking hell!

Jira bout the thread profk made?


JIRA avatar audit:

  • Classic blue featureless head
  • Pirate
  • Personal picture
  • Other

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Jiranna tell us what youre on about?

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Slack is pointless if you ask me.

Everyone is like “ooh slack. Let’s talk on slack” when it’s just another application clogging up my screen.

Too true.

Just Slack things!

jira casablancas



(This is what IT people say during sex)

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Pfft, you need to cut it some Jira


JIRA is just “don’t ask a question that will take 2 seconds to answer in person. Put it on JIRA. I’m far too busy and important to have human interaction with a marketing idiot”

We can do that too.

please specify other

oh I’ve got a slack one, when someone starts their message with @here or @channel in a channel with loads of people, proper pisses everyone off

just slack things


Duplicate tickets - SO ANNOYING.

Am I right guys?

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could something similar happen on Trello?

more of a soundcloud guy

I think so yes

Just trelo things!