#JustGetRid - The first in an exciting new series of threads from Antpocalypsenow


Hi, friends! Welcome to the first edition of #JustGetRid - An occassional series of threads in which we discuss why on earth something still exists and debate whether or not to #JustGetRid of it!

If you’ve got any suggestions for #JustGetRid threads, please feel free to post them (as new threads obviously).

#Number ONE - Roman Numerals

What’s the deal with this anyway? Why are some things (Superbowls, BBC credits etc) still using roman numerals!? It’s like, hey guys, you know the empire fell right!



Can’t really tie Latin to the Roman Empire though.


What? Why can’t I?




i keep it CCC like the romans


Greek was the lingua franca of the empire, Latin existed for formal and official usage, and after Constantine’s conversion to Christianity became associated with the church and the various Western states (the Franks, the Goths, the Saxons) in the wake of the declining imperial power. The development of French, Spanish and Italian as Latin descendants shows that to tie it exclusively to the existence of the Roman Empire proper is a folly.


Disagree. Brilliant shibboleth for outing thickos.


I’ve got a feeling that that could have been interesting had it been presented with a bit more pizzazz. A missed opportunity.


I’m currently reading Tom Holland’s Millennium which is all about this shit, which I guess is fairly pizazzy?


Tom Holland’s MM more like :wink:


You mean M.




I’ve read Rubicon which you CAN tie into the Roman Empire.


Yeah, I want to read that too. Should have read it first really, because now I’ll be going backwards in time. What am I like!


I was shocked to discover that Rubicon isn’t just a drink that is primarily sold in newsagents.



Ever had a Mirinda?


I always forget what significance of the Rubicon was in history.

I guess the book will help with that.


Yes it will!


Shut up