Justice Vs Daft Punk


I think Daft Punk went off the boil years ago. The new stuff from Justice on the on the other hand is catchy and really funky. Thoughts?


Daft punk homework and alive '97>anything justice have done
Anything justice have done >daftpunk after ‘the music sounds better with you’


I’ve been a bit sceptical of Justice since the first album. I’m willing to give this one a go though.

Totally agree that Homework is, well, my favourite Daft Punk Album, although I’d say at least their first few albums are far superior to anything Justice have done.


Homework and Discovery are all put classics but I really love Random Access Memories (Do people not like it on here?). Cross was great but I’ve probably not listened to it since it came out. Didn’t listen to their second album.


Homework and Cross were both very good albums and I’d probably choose Stress over Da Funk as best track of the two - great videos, the both of them. But they’ve both flirted dangerously with cheese.

Randy? I camembert it. Which kinda works fromagewise.


Both get way more attention than they deserve, but I’d rather listen to Homework, Discovery or RAM than Cross. Justice was just like, a thing that happened in 2007. They had a few good tracks but have been poor ever since.


RAM definitely seem to split opinion on here, but generally I’ve noticed a lot of the naysayers seem to either (a) confuse the idea of an album having 1 bad track (Game of Love) with the whole thing being rubbish or (b) have a little cry that it doesn’t sound exactly like Homework.

I personally think it’s pretty good bordering on great


Honestly I find homework a bore and preferred Cross at the time. But I absolutely love RAM and think it blows the rest of the catalogue out of the water.


Oh I don’t mind Game of Love but I can see how it’s considered a weaker track. I feel RAM is just great pop song after great pop song. Tracks can be enjoyed individually but the albums works really well as a whole too just like Discovery. I’m surprised I’m not sick of Get Lucky or Lose yourself to Dance, but I’m really not, they still make me grin and dance like an idiot!


Actually Discovery is the one I find a complete bore. Homework is much better and incomparable to Cross really they are doing different things.

(oops that wasnt supposed to be a reply to you Wizard Lizard)


No worries - but :anguished: you don’t like Discovery?!

Homework>Discovery=RAM>Human after all


Its a very front loaded album and I just get bored by it. Excellently produced as always but the songs dont do to much. Most of them arnt particularly dancable or engaging for me past the first four tracks.


both < less than Chem Bros, but that’s not what u were asking :wink:
i’m having a listen to the new Justine tune and enjoying it. their catalog doesn’t hold up against DP tho.


I’ve always found it’s a great album to work or drive to. The first four tracks do set the bar incredibly high!


Eeehhhh I kinda liked it to begin with but it got very old very quick for me. Still don’t think it’s enough to disqualify RAM from being considered a great album. I think a lot of people claimed that it “killed any momentum” for the album early on, but tbh I feel like any loss in momentum is well and truly cured by Moroder


Moroder is an absolute killer track!


Random Access Memories is one of my favourite albums ever. I’ve seen a few people slag it off a bit on here, but I always pop up and defend it, it’s fantastic


Might put it on in a bit. Do you reckon they’ll tour next year?


Homework was daft punk’s finest album then discovery. Everything else was a bit flat. Regarding Ram. There are 4-5 really good tracks but the rest is a bit forgettable.
Justice’s first two albums were good but here’s the thing they have such a good ear for a melody. Listen to Songs like Ohio, Randy and safe and sound. They know how to write a tune with a real funkiness. Daft punk haven’t done that on a consistant basis since discovery. So far I really like what I’ve heard of the Justice album.


New Justice album is pretty good pals but lol at the idea of them being in the same league as Daft Punk