Billy Mitchell, that fucking DOG.

Fucking great news, Billy Mitchell is a rotter!

Great to see Xelnia (Jeremy Young) get a shout out there, his work was invaluable in the investigation.

Was going to post a picture of Billy Mitchell from Eastenders but it didn’t work but let’s just assume I did and congratulate me for my nice piece of business.

Hey there’s a Donkey Kong kill screen coming up.

Look everyone, I’ve posted a picture of Billy Mitchell from Eastenders!


Great work SDD! Love it!

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In all seriousness though, is using an emulator easier?

It might say so in the article, but it was really long and tedious.

Too little too late from Twin Galaxies, people lost faith in them years ago. None of Billy Mitchell’s shit was called out by them for like 15 years.

Walter Day was too trusting, and should have put down firm rules. Even if that was ‘you have to come to the arcade, and use OUR machine, especially our system board’.

He didn’t seem to acknowledge that people would try to fudge things and then dug his heels in too much, now no-one has faith in the records.

You could say

Walter Day has had his day

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Billy Mitchell is one of the all time great baddies.

Great film this

I loved how he said the film was edited against him.


Yeah, have you seen Man vs Snake? He crops up in that too as a kind of wise old guru figure.

how did your phone manage to autocorrect eastenders to that?

Yeah I saw that. That film made me feel pretty warm and fuzzy. Videogame players are such dorks.

It’s like comparing playing tennis on grass or on clay.

In all seriousness though, is playing tennis on grass or on clay easier?

They’re just different.

On an emulator you could have the controls customised to make it easier for yourself. Granted the timing etc SHOULD still be the same (but could be subtly altered) but there’s a definite advantage that COULD be gained by using an emulator.

You’re not even necessarily using a cabinet, which changes the whole deal.