Justin Long thread


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I’m expecting this to be an ironically short thread.

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Was he in any other films or was he…?


I think he was, yes.

Mark Christopher Shit thread

Was he Spiderman?

I’m a bigger fan of Richard Long, truth be told

No I believe the Spidermen were

Rev’s son
Toby Maguire
The other guy

Loved his work in The Strokes

Dick Long

Remember that thing he was in, ‘Ed’? No, me neither.


He’s not Rev’s son you plum. He’s that guy with the big head who’s on daytime telly.

Oh yeah that’s right.

Do you think Rev’s son has a chance?

wonder if his agent just got a google alert

Info is as thin as Rev’s hair


I used to have a blog where I made Justin Long gifs but doesn’t look like they exist anymore.

Jeepers creepers

Where’d you get those peepers

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Ooh, he lives at 52 Notting Hill.

That would have been extremely relevant to this thread.

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Found those though.