Justin Long thread

That’s what my blog was about

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  • I know who Justin Long is
  • I do not know who Justin Long is

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From looking at his Wiki page it would appear that I’ve seen 11 films he is in (one of those is a voice credit tbf) - I do watch a lot of fairly poor films tbh…

What are considered his ‘big’ roles?

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I know him from his work in Die Hard 4.0

couldn’t have told you his name

I have seen all the Alvin and the Chipmunks

Yup, his voice credit was the first one of ^these. Worth checking out the whole franchise?

Prefer Martin Short.

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do you think he will return to the die hard franchise

  • absolutely
  • doubtful

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I have seen them multiple times and can’t recommend them enough. If you only have time to see one then it must be Chipwrecked which combines the usual good natured humour with adventure an peril.

(I had no idea J Longz was Alvin either, must rewatch all now)

I liked going the distance, waiting and accepted but I watched them at the height of my Longmania… so.

Don’t think he has kids (wikipedia) but sure why not.

I saw Chapter IV at the cinema. It was loud.

Christmas break sorted :+1:

Sometimes get him confused in my head with Jay Baruchel.

Anyone seen I’m Reed Fish?

They are the Peter Pen of Hollywood



Is that the Idlewild frontman?


He was in Giri/Haji on the beeb recently.
Quite a small role all told.
Justin Long eh.
Wasn’t he in Dodgeball and Jeepers Creepers?
Best movie he was in: Galaxy Quest!