Justin Timberlake 2018




wood man GO AWAY


first disc of 20/20 was great wasn’t it?


Yes, it was. It really really was.


Yep, absolutely sensational. Well in for this.


Reckon with fs/ls and 20/20 he’s approaching George Michael levels of quality. Always in for more.


I’m bringing timber back



Oh shit this pun works on more levels than I actually wanted it to

Should’ve said lumber maybe



the most embarrassing man in music



would’ve been top punning if he called the album Man of Wood and Water


He should do a 1/2 release like last time, Man in the Lake


Literally had to check again to confirm it definitely is called ‘Man of the Woods’. If Henry David Thoreau was still alive, he’d be applying for jobs in the financial sector just to feel like he hadn’t been totally reduced to a figure of parody


Surprised at that. Not sure what the general consensus is but I thought that (mirrors aside) the whole 20/20 “era” was poor. Maybe expectations were too high after FS/LS


really? i enjoyed the first disc a lot and seem to remember it doing well critically, never got into the second part. seemed like it was a bside follow up.

first part had some great pop songs on. just listened to blue ocean floor, great stuff


imagine if justin timberlake came onstage to a sold out audience


I need to go back and give it another listen at some point. I just remember every song going being twice the length it needed to be and the whole thing just dragging on as a result.


Yeeeeesssssssssss please


I have an edited version called “No Bullshit” - is exceptional.

Turns out there’s an even shorter version too, the "Vinyl Edit"

And an “All Killer, No Art” version as well.