Justin Timberlake 2018

Nice! I grabbed the “Vinyl” edit, will give it a listen

I figure there’s a solid album in there somewhere, the fact you’ve managed to cut 30 minutes off the runtime without removing any songs kind of tells its own story!

Anyone ever see the Demme film? It seems remarkably under-seen.

Can’t decide about this. Don’t like the intro, then it goes all George Michael ‘Freeak’ and I begin to think it’s a total banger, then I think the tune is going to emerge but it doesn’t, then it goes a bit Timbaland -over-produced for a bit, then it sorta stops, then I put it on again.


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this is laughably bad. has he just discovered dubstep or something?

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It’s not great is it? Sounds like a half-baked SexyBack retread.

When is the last time Timbaland produced a decent beat? Man was absolutely untouchable in his prime but struggling to think of anything decent in the last 8 or 9 years…

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There is a song called flannel. I have to hear this album

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Yeah after a dozen plays, not sure about this. One of those tracks where the artist hopes some production and changes of pace stop everyone noticing that’s there’s no real tune or idea present.

presumably if we’re now on a 10 year nostalgia cycle, it’s just about due a comeback. skream and benga reunion tour here we come

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This is…garbage! Video with his, albeit robotic, form writhing around with loads of ladies feels pretty outdated too.

Don’t act like you all haven’t been rinsing that Trolls soundtrack

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Only given the new song one play, but immediately had to go on a Mirrors/Sexyback/Cry Me A River binge, just to cleanse myself. It’s really not very good.

pretty meh. think i even preferred the last one

I got some pie-eye-eyes

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wait what the hell is happening in that bridge

is he going to do this “bit from a completely different song slammed into the middle” thing on every track? Is that a thing now


if i’d never heard of timberlake before i would assume this was some Honey G style off-colour pastiche of popular music

what the fuck is going on with those ad-libs

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Is this like the Lucy Liu robot in Futurama:

It’s amazing the way you [mechanical voice] notice two things.