Juvenile song lyric adaptations


Currently have “I’m in the toilet, watching you pissing” instead of “I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her” stuck in my head.

You got any of these?


Holy cow I love yer arse - Elbow


Thanks for ruining a great song for us Ant!!


Don’t worry, I’m singing it to the crappy Robyn cover version, leaving the Calum Scott original untainted :slight_smile:


whenever i pass a cattery (surprisingly often) sing it to the tune off of master of puppets.



currently got David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’, but substituting ‘dance’ for ‘meow’. and then the bridge bit just total meows.

do this to lots of songs :pensive:


It’s not very juvenile, but to No Doubt’s Spiderwebs I’ve always sung:

“Leave a message and I’ll call Eubank”

Illicits a wry smile. From me.


I like to improvise lyrics on the subject of bum touching for the theme tunes of any soap my wife is watching.

E.g., for Eastenders:

Now it’s time to touch! Your! Bum!
It is very big, so I like to touch it!

Or for Emmerdale:

I’ll touch your bum
If you’ve got on clean underwear

(Doesn’t really scan. Fuck it.)

As you might imagine, this irks the wife something awful.


Match of the Day is on the tv, I’m wearing shorts and socks


I always do the bass line to MOTD, winds my mum up something chronic.


We used to do this for school hymns, my favourite is “We are a took revolving, around the golden sun, we are a million children rolled up my bum” instead of one. Not sure how the teahers didn’t twig on


Isn’t this ‘Saltwater’ by Julian Lennon as opposed to a hymn?


Lock the taskbar, lock the taskbar!


Oh idk they just called it hymn time and we sang songs that sounded Christian


How does James Hetfield like his toast?


I can see clearly now your brain’s a scone


And I miss you
Like the peasants missed the train