Any fans? She doesn’t seem to have ever been mentioned on DiS before.

I’d never known about her myself until I heard her new song on the radio the other day (This Baby Don’t Cry):

I was instantly hooked. Did a quick search realised that I had heard one of her songs before (High Enough):

I have since listened to her last album Every Where Is Some Where a couple of times, and I like it quite a bit. She’s got a new album out next month, and if the first couple of singles are anything to go by, I reckon I might like it.

Anyway, enough about me: what do you think about my recent encounter with K.Flay?

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Thanks for the pity :heart: @ma0sm

I liked it, and added it to my starred list :star:

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I’ll return the favour when I learn how to add something to my starred list (or indeed figure out what/where that is).

Just a quick update for those many many DiSers who have starred this thread:

The debut album (LIfe as a Dog) is pretty decent too.

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Forgot to mention that the first two tracks on Life as a Dog sounded a bit familiar:

I’m pretty sure I’d heard these before, so really I’m surprised no one else has heard of her.



Surprised to see a thread and thought I’d bump it given a new single out, Spotify . Also she’s gone through a rough spell as recently lost all hearing in one ear suddenly.

Life as a Dog is actually my most listened to album, 2010-2015 K.Flay was a great era when she had Nic on drums, think my friend and I went saw her every time she made it to the UK up until 2016. She’s a ridiculously nice person when we met her and also took the time to write an email to my friend for her birthday. New stuff is a bit more hit and miss for me but will still always check it out.

The xx track and Danny Brown feature might get some interest in older stuff

Sunburn was a favourite as well


what’s surprising is that this thread doesn’t already have a thousand posts!

Thanks for the news of the new single. It’s weird: it’s a quite different sound to the K.Flay I know, but there’s something about her intonation that I really like, that it’s great anyway. Hopefully it means that there’s a new album on the way. I enjoyed the EP from last year.

I don’t know the pre-Life as a Dog stuff all that well. Given it a once over but probably should have another run through. Would really, really love to see her perform live, but there’s no chance in hell she’ll ever be out in my part of the world.

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Maybe the thread has the second wind to take it there now.

No worries, and know what you mean about her voice. I’d expect it is the beginner of a new rollout, just might be setback a little whilst getting to grips with hearing situation.

I think a fair bit of the older stuff will be on YouTube, used to be able to download the early mixtapes off her site for free back in the day. Will check to see if I’ve got any that isn’t uploaded.

Thanks. I think I got most of it — Suburban Rap Queen, I Stopped Caring in 96, and a few EPs — but only Sometime in the last year or so. Will run through it again sometime in the next few weeks.

Shame about the hearing issue. Hope it’s only temporary.