Any fans? She doesn’t seem to have ever been mentioned on DiS before.

I’d never known about her myself until I heard her new song on the radio the other day (This Baby Don’t Cry):

I was instantly hooked. Did a quick search realised that I had heard one of her songs before (High Enough):

I have since listened to her last album Every Where Is Some Where a couple of times, and I like it quite a bit. She’s got a new album out next month, and if the first couple of singles are anything to go by, I reckon I might like it.

Anyway, enough about me: what do you think about my recent encounter with K.Flay?

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Thanks for the pity :heart: @ma0sm

I liked it, and added it to my starred list :star:

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I’ll return the favour when I learn how to add something to my starred list (or indeed figure out what/where that is).

Just a quick update for those many many DiSers who have starred this thread:

The debut album (LIfe as a Dog) is pretty decent too.

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Forgot to mention that the first two tracks on Life as a Dog sounded a bit familiar:

I’m pretty sure I’d heard these before, so really I’m surprised no one else has heard of her.