I’ve seen you mention kpop a couple of times recently. Colour me intrigued. What are the classics?


absolute banger


Hello! I don’t know where to start, with kpop songs usually tbh it takes a few listens for me to really get into a song or band but when I do I will literally spend hours listening to them/watching content (there’s this very fan-orientated culture with kpop where members are all over social media and will do loads of variety shows as well as their own YouTube/korean equivalent stuff that people can watch, and it’s really easy to get super invested and follow each band closely with every comeback, which is basically when they release new music). So it’s really hard for me anyway to recommend stuff because it may not go down well the first time/seem weird BUT idk i love it so much and sometimes worry I’m too old for this lol as I’m probably like twice the age of the average fan at 28 and most of the bands I like have members in their early/mid 20s but honestly idc haha
Ok here are 2 songs that I really like from last year:

As for classics I don’t want to ruin the genre for anyone with any misinformation haha but I guess starting with the biggest entertainment companies - SM, YG and JYP. People start their training really young and can train for many years before making their debut with a group, and the most successful groups tend to be with one of those 3 (although bts, exid and monsta x who i like a lot aren’t). I started listening to kpop casually in 2010/11 but started to really get into it about 2 years ago, paying attention to stuff on social media etc too. Some people take it really seriously and YouTube comments will be really embarrassing with lots of (im guessing) young girls arguing really seriously and viciously about their favourite groups/members etc

I will make a a playlist soon and post it!


That first track is smooooooooth.

Also I’ve just straight up enjoyed your posts about it - love it when people talk about stuff they’re passionate about :slight_smile: