Kacey Musgraves

She’s great and the new album is out tomorrow and I’m sure it will be great too:

Loved the last one. Will keep my ears out for this one.

Space Cowboy is a great single.

I’m not a fan of this disco / pop direction but a part of me is resigned to it being inevitable.
I prefer the country Kacey.

Heckfire this album is fantastic.

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Slow Burn, Oh What a World and High Horse are certified gems. Not 100% on the rest of it though - gets dangerously close to nu-country at points (as opposed to acceptable country)

High Horse is a certified banger!

We’re all still listening to this on repeat, yeah?


I was in Coop earlier and Velvet Elvis was on their in-store radio, which was a right treat.

Her husband’s album has just come out, has anyone heard it?

Probably have a little sing of High Horse (internally) on a daily basis.

Love the album a lot.

kind of sad that i really don’t like this album much having been a huge fan of the first two - even went to see her on my own when she played the Royal Albert Hall 3 years ago!

am taking my gf to see her at Wembley next month though as she’s now a fan of this album in particular so will have to give it another go…