Kaleidoscope Festival - Alexandra Palace - The Flaming Lips - 21 July 2018

Just saw The Flaming Lips announce this one-day festival, £41.25 for early bird tickets, which is pretty much the cost of a Flaming Lips ticket anyhow.

Some bands so far:

The Flaming Lips
Ghost Poet
Mystery Jets
The Go! Team
Beth Orton

and some theatre and other such stuff.


Hopefully some more good bands will be announced also, but seems worth it at the moment/price now.

/end of rubbish-advert-sounding non-advert

nghhhhh, na

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Would go this for The Flaming Lips alone. Rest of the lineup is super boring though.

Yep, The Flaming Lips are the reason I’m going, and might check out The Go! Team also.

Fucking shite


£40 for Flaming Lips supported by The Go! Team in London would seem ok to me.

Then add in it’s outdoors during the hottest time of year with added Dr John Cooper Clark and Mark Watson, some theatre/circus stuff, Ghost Poet and more to come - seems a great little fest.

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It’s outdoors? Where?

"Now, for the first time in 30 years, the park and palace come together…the South View Stage, where our headliners will play against London’s magical skyline "

Interesting, this is a lot more appealing if its not in that aircraft hanger.

My thoughts exactly! (though I think some of the smaller stuff will be inside)

I think the fact they’re selling kids’ tickets means it’s being pitched as a family thing which is fine for me as I’ll probably take mine given I live 10 minutes away. I recognise other people wouldn’t want tons of kids there, though

Doesn’t bother me - I doubt the kids will be down at the front of anything I want to see. You can bring in your own food. Well played.