Kalenda Music

A friend of mine who is a ridiculously talented musician who has done a lot of session work with bands around Reading has started a new project of his own which I think is great. Long story short, he’s writing recording and releasing a song every month this year. collaborating with a different people each time varying the instrumentation as much as possible through the whole thing.

This is the first one from January and I think it’s pretty decent, which is why I’m sharing it here.

I know he’s looking for collaborators far and wide playing a wide variety of instruments, so if anyone here is in some way interested in being part of the project, let me know.

February’s one is here:

March with Ben Marwood is here:

Thanks to everyone who’s given a collaborator suggestion so far, it’s all turning out quite nicely.

More collaborators needed though! If you know someone or know of someone who might be interested in collaborating one month, let me know, particularly if their instrument of choice isn’t a guitar / piano!

I’ve also been involved with a podcast around the project where I interview Keekah, the guy behind it. It’s available on iTunes here or wherever you get your podcasts as Kalenda Music.

This one’s fucking great tbf. Probably the best thing I’ve heard Mr Fogg put his name to.