Kamasi Washington

Whoops, yes, you’re absolutely right. Worth pointing out that his solo releases ahead of his new album ‘Starting Today’ are worth mentioning in their own right though.

Armon-Jones also played in Nubya Garcia’s band when I saw them (as did Theon Cross and I think maybe Moses Boyd - ridiculously good gig).

Before they started he came out and lit an incense stick attached to his keyboard, had big messy hair and looked like he was wearing bed clothes. Then absolutely killed it.

this song is the first he’s done with him singing on, really smooth and nice

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Ha ha, I kinda guessed he’d be a bit of a hippy. Really love “Almost Went Too Far” and can’t get enough of “Starting Today”. Think his new EP is going to be a winner.

looking forward to finally seeing Kamasi live this summer

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him and the band are fucking great live

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shame about the vocalist though eh

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oh yeah, completely terrible :wink:

this happened on saturday and it was absolutely magical

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Not even summer yet m9



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It’s more of a summer prequel right now

Summer 2 starts next month lads

Jazz for Hipsters?

I just roll my eyes when I see all the attention this guy seems to get, when their are both

a) many other, better, more interesting artists making Jazz, or even have been making Jazz for much longer and are still.
b) why like Metal, do the Pitchfork audience need to start clamoring on to Jazz? It was (and still is) nauseating to see with Metal (sorry, but you don’t see people in their urban outfitter attire going to Maryland Deathfest). And the same holds true for Jazz.

People liking a thing you do not like does not affect your enjoyment of a thing that you do like.

If people liking a thing you don’t like does affect your enjoyment of a thing that you do like than the problem is with you and not with the people who’s enjoyment of a thing you dislike has affected your enjoyment of a thing that you like.


Interested to know who are your favourite jazz acts currently putting out great music? Always nice to get the inside knowledge from a man who’s really in the scene



This would be good on a t-shirt


Jazz Man (Babylon Zoo)

asi Washington
asi were
as i want you to be