Kamasi Washington's European Vacation

On tour in May


Tickets already available on Dice I believe, thinking of going to the Manchester gig as the Albert Hall is a great venue and it’s on a Friday

Think this may be relevant to @Kallgeese and @WizardLizard’s interests

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It is relevant to my interests! Still haven’t seen him but would love to. No Irish date announced yet though!

That last EP he put out is really really good

Shite I go on holiday the day of the London gig.

I’m going to assume everyone is okay if I don’t add a note he’s not dead?

He’s only in his 30s, I don’t think anyone’s gonna think he’s dead


Who are you thinking of?

I just mean that after 2016 I started making this clear for any post with just the artist’s name.

Age isn’t important. Look how many have died in their 20s…

You could add “tour” to the title I guess, “not dead” just seems a bit needlessly morbid


Oh sweet, thanks for the tip off @nemrac ! Sadly not sure if I can make any of the UK dates but would be super tempted to combine a mini break with one of these gigs…

His shows look jaw droppingly good, don’t they?

Thought Harmony of Difference was absolutely splendid too - what an awesome talent!

Why does he love the QMU in Glasgow? Played there last time too…

They’ve been taken down. Was there a nice Primavera-shaped hole in the tour please?
Also, when was London? Ta.

Oh, I can see them. No chance of Prim but will buy a London one.

Wish the thread title had been changed to:
Kamasi Washington’s Dead…Excited To Be Touring Europe In May.

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