Kane for Mayor!




He’s only 23, that’s quite a lot of pressure to put on his shoulders. Future England captain for sure though


Who’s Kane? Who are those people? Who is Glenn Jacobs? What does the map signify?


Can this be real?


Mayor of where?


Actually I think Glenn Jacobs is a gas fitting firm - look at the logo.


also “lighting the way”


Kane is Glenn Jacobs, this is Kane:


those are two different people Ant. God this is confusing!


It looks like he has a lot of experience, I’d certainly vote for him!


He seems a bit too right-wing for me, but you can’t deny the amount of success professional wrestlers have had in the political realm. Could probably come up with some lazy parallels here but I won’t bother.


His father will be looking down on him with pride. OOOOHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEESSS!


Oh fuck I’ve been tricked into an adult baby thread.




That’s related to his complicated relationship with fire mate (burned down the funeral home that his and the undertaker’s real parents worked at iirc but it turned out to be Paul Bearer that instructed the undertaker to do or something. The mask was to cover the scars from the fire but they turned out to be psychological)




will only vote for him if he wears the mask


@Smee 's got a point mate Glenn Jacobs is clearly “Corporate Kane”


He’s a staunch libertarian from what I understand