⚽ Kane's on a Plane: The August Football Thread ⚽

Were the paid off not to kick him?

Not sure if wolfcastle* but they’ve just drawn each other. The footage is from a Brazilian charity match a while ago. He’s still a bell

* obviously it’s the joke troll football are making but feels like people are taking it at face value

Troll Football claims another set of victims!




Oh no I’ve been done

Would be interested to hear some answers from some other community members on this actually

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About as competitive as City v Watford.

Fake news.

Some saying it’s a charity match.

Nevermind the football has he got blond extensions for dreads?

I’m led to believe by these comments that ‘Ben Johnson’ is the club dog



Gone by Xmas

Matt Turner said something along the lines of “I’ve always dreamed of playing for a club as big as Nottingham Forest”. Which would have been an excellent dig at Arsenal if A) he had actually played any games for Arsenal and B) anyone at Arsenal had the slightest interest in him anymore.

EDIT: Just seen the other thread. Sorry I don’t have anything more amusing to add!

Ashley Young back to United on a one-year deal apparently…

Ryan Bertrand actually

Alexander Büttner to Man Utd on a 1 year deal


Williem Prunier to replace Maguire as captain.

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They’ve still got two full internationals who can play left-back, why are they signing Tony Dorigo?

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Don’t think there are any Plymouth or Fulham fans on here. Expecting to hear that Sessegnon has signed for Wigan today.

there’s a Truro City fan and a Sheffield United fan on here who sometimes goes to Craven Cottage when there’s no rugby on that may be interested?


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