⚽ Kane's on a Plane: The August Football Thread ⚽

Will never forgive SWP for what happened to him

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‘would have been’?

the only good Dean Ashton is the actor who played the kid Ken Barlow thumped in his class

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Also the former West Ham, Norwich, Crewe and England striker. He was good

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Love Dean chat.

remember this goal?


The only thing good about him is his Wiki picture

I miss the days of a shit flash in the pan scoring worldies against us while we still won stuff

flash in the pan? he was still doing it after he retired!

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Oh god. He had so few knees


A lesser man than me might point out that Carson never made an appearance for the academy teams, but instead I’ll say let’s put this behind us, regroup, and put our combined efforts into convincing the wider public that City will be getting an absolute shoeing off Fulham on the weekend.

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Depends how progressive your views on football are I guess.

Anyone who watched him play regularly will tell you he was a Rolls Royce of a midfielder.

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Always assumed he’d played the occasional game for them like United have done with a couple of old timers. He really has landed the dream job.

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ahh, Romeo Lavia and Iheanacho, who spent one year in the city academy, Pedro Porro who had 37 senior appearances for other clubs before going to city and straight on loan for 3 years until he was sold, Angeliño the Depor youth product - anyone who claims these boys don’t have baby blue blood running through their veins is in denial imo.


mad that we’re talking about Aaron Mooy as the most technically gifted player of the 2010s when you’ve got Ruben Sobrino, Uriel Antuna, and who could forget Rabbi Matondo on that very same list.

I knew Coutinho seemed likely to leave but this is a left field place to go



Should be used to expensively providing nothing at all in forward positions.

Bonucci to Union Berlin is funny and weird. Big fan

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Edit: well that link didn’t work