⚽ Kane's on a Plane: The August Football Thread ⚽

I can see why you might be irritable this morning after Todd Baby agreed to pay us the GDP of a small country for our fifth best right-winger, but it’s just a game, pal.


  • the year he was good was a weird outlier
  • the year he was bad was a weird outlier
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ahead of his transfer from PSG to the Manchester City academy in 2016


remember he had a good couple of years at Getafe and Eibar but none of the big clubs in Spain touched him because of his huge defensive limitations and just generally being a medium sized fish in small ponds at both teams. he’s more or less an Aston Villa level rotation winger that has conned a lot of people into thinking he’s decent as a wing back, mainly because of his hair.

lovely hair tho isnt it

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puts in a huge shift every game - and you can tell because of his hair.


Yeah need that cover for the European games, good shout

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Won our player of the season and players player of the season

Was well regarded before moving to Brighton

Chelsea have a nasty habit of destroying players

Im on the fence

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Probably one of those players that had Pep signed him, as he wanted, would have hung around on the bench for 18 months before mysteriously reappearing to be really good.

But having moved to Chelsea and then Manchester United at a crucial stage in his development, it’s safe to say he’s :finland:

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would challenge that tbh - was regarded in Spain as a real wild card player who was good offensively but an absolute liability at the back. 1 cap for the national team and unable to displace the corpse of Jordi Alba and Jose Gaya (who is fairly average tbh) says a lot.

With respect, I don’t think this is true. I know three of the five people who still watch La Liga and they all rated him fairly highly.

Really think you two should head across/up to one of Manchester’s many fine drinking establishments and sort this out between you.

lol it absolutely is true - the bigger clubs in Spain not going for him was a big talking point when he was at Getafe especially (alongside him being an alleged racist) because of this.

2 days from a home date with the ghost of Raul Jimenez, you can see why the city fans are so edgy



lmao the commentary ‘le hizo el rascahuele’ (he did the scratch and sniff)

Mooy was probably the best player at that Qatar world cup nonsense that happened a while back. Man bossed Argentina, who who went on to literally win the thing.

Then he came back to Celtic and had three really good months, two bad months. Then he retired, no more worlds left to conquer etc.


James McClean, currently working his way back from injury in League Two, still in the Ireland squad ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

the absolute Mooy

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