⚽ Kane's on a Plane: The August Football Thread ⚽

Eze, Dunk and Wilson fair enough. The rest I can’t really understand but I expect we’re playing gibraltar or something so who cares.

Yeah remember when mourinho bought him a ham because of a bet, and then he got in trouble for having a ham party in the middle of lockdown

2020 seems like a year that happened on another planet


Guehi too. Playing in a defence that has only conceded two in three, one of which was a penalty and looked rock solid in all three. He’s a future England captain.

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Manchester City definitely won’t get a really hard draw.

Also just seen someone on spurs twitter remind us all of when we were worried Madrid were going to exercise the buy back option!

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You’ve got to hand it to UEFA, every year they manage to come up with entertainment that’s guaranteed to appeal to all the coked-up lads in stone island jackets waiting for the draw.



Someone on the music boards would be claiming that should win the mercury tbf

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David Mooyes

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Marc Guehi

  • Future England captain
  • What?
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Didn’t realise Chelsea needlessly cup tied Cucurella yesterday while trying to farm him out. Another well run club.

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Should send him to Spurs then.


Free’s up Harry Kane and Bellingham tbf

This could get a bit …well

Especially given that either Bonmati or Olga Carmona will women’s player of the year

Levi Colwill
Marc Guehi

Didn’t specify which sport tbf

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2066 World Cup winning captain of finding the toilets in Wetherspoons

No Sevilla until the Europa League at least!


I see villa, I get eliminated by it!


Ah Red Bull, like the crushing inevitability of Tuesday morning.

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Balls warmed for Man City again I see.