⚽ Kane's on a Plane: The August Football Thread ⚽

Odd not seeing Chelsea get some no marks from East Bulvaria

They’ll be disappointed to have been eliminated without a ball being kicked imo


Utd’ll get AC

I just pray them and Porto can play a game together this season somehow.

Enough with the whining about the draw, all the teams have to play each other home and away :roll_eyes:


Just need Young Boys to join Sevilla , Arsenal and PSV to make the most Europa League group possible

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Why can’t Lazio be drawn with ManU and Bayern? Is it because it’s completely rigged?

One of PSG, Dortmund or AC out in the group stage. Proabbly PSG.

Forgot it was Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic. I bet every team he manages loves receiving that epithet from the Beeb.

Boring UEFA logistics I think



They say everything comes in threes. This morning we had Aaron Mooy being the most technically gifted player that has ever graced the Prem, this afternoon we had Marc Guehi has England captain written all over him. Whats gonna be this evening’s take


Yeah I guess that makes some sense

Lol at Newcastle being a dead cert for the Europa League already

PSG, Dortmund, AC Milan. Fucking love that

Got to finish third to get europa lol

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Proper Champions League opponents for Newcastle


oh yeah

bad luck eh

maybe next year

Ooft. Eddie Howemuch is a dead man, and possibly not in a figurative sense.


Copenhagen and a Gala team made up of 40-year-old Prem rejects.

Bent as a nine bob note.

Do Worrr Mr Ashley proud lads